FT Innovation is a consulting boutique focussed on the development of growth capabilities, such as innovation management, future thinking and sustainability lead innovation.

Rapid advancements in technology, the challenges of climate change, together with the uncertainty created by the covid19 pandemic,  generate increasingly dynamic and complex competitive environments. Today, it is an advantage to understand where tomorrow is headed and how we can harvest opportunities in the future.

"Loved to work with FT Innovation! They have deep knowledge in innovation, facilitation and design! And a great energy to motivate people and get things done! We could not have done such a successful process without them!"

— Graziela Sousa - coordinator fashion & sustainability hackathon

The world is changing, and we live in a time of unprecedented volatility (V), uncertainty (U), complexity (C) and ambiguity (A). In other worlds, we live in a VUCA world. Nevertheless the fact that we live under unprecedented sustainability, technology and societal challenges, cannot be an excuse for avoiding action and development of flexible organizations that are capable of hitting the ground running.

Capabilities that allow organizations to manage uncertainty, such as future thinking and agile processes, are key for the future value creation. Managing innovation is more than the creation and launch of new products, it’s the discipline to manage the challenging world we live in.

Future Thinking

Managing uncertainty with future speculation.

Innovation Management

ISO Standard guidance to fight failure in innovation.

Sustainability lead Innovation

Circular Design Thinking and human-centered design approaches to drive sustainability.

At FT Innovation we use the concept of client or partner interchangeably. We believe that only by co-creating we can deep-dive into challenges and opportunities. 

Contact us if you want to grow and generate value through innovation and sustainability.

" Here is a great way of making the process of creativity and exploration productive. Most if not all businesses are looking for new revenues, reducing cost, and improving customer experience. If you haven't already used these tools, give it a try, you won't regret you did. Thank you Fernanda for widening our perspective and sharing your knowledge with us."

— Behdad Banian - CMO, Emerging Tech and New Businesses at Ericsson

We believe we can all be creative and innovative, it is part of human nature to imagine and dream. But we have to unleash these capabilities under systems that can harvest the true potential of innovation. 

ISO Standard for Innovation Management
Future Thinking with Scenarios and Backasting
Circular Design Thinking and Experience Design

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